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Avery Goes Hard(en)

If you are a hip-hop fan and follow the local unsigned scene, you definitely should be familiar with the name Avery Harden. With his strong beliefs and purposes, all reflected in his lyrics and performances, he surely doesn’t pass unnoticed. The Vegas native moved out to the City of Angels right out of High School with a firm goal: re-shape the course of today’s hip-hop music. We must say, he has been doing a damn good job! In fact, since his move, he released 6 full-length albums, over 20 music videos and has been a support act for such artists as Lupe Fiasco, Hopsin, Dizzy Wright, Metro Boomin, Dj Esco, OT Genesis, Vince Staples and Young Thug. Avery Harden is the human definition of the hustle and we are sure that he will soon be recognized for his hard work and talent.

Come check out Avery ripping it up at Community B.A.S.H. on July 23rd and read his interview below.

- What/who do you sound like? But to make it more fun and different, I want you to describe your music style using only movie titles.

Ahah! I don’t know how to answer this… I think I'll pass.

- What inspires you to make your music? And by “what” I mean anything, objects, food, people, animals…

I make music because I see what our culture has become (hip hop) and it saddens me that my kids will one day grow up listening to it. So I want to shift it back to its roots where it has meaning

- Everyone has a favorite 90’s jam. What is yours? There will be no judgment what so ever affiliated to your answer. I promise.

For sure the thong song by Cisco lol

- If you could choose someone to open for on a world tour who would it be? Dead or alive…since all the good ones are dying.

Micheal Jackson of Sade don't make me choose between them I love them both

- Do you have a pre show ritual? If so what is it?

Yes I do, I bump J-Cole's G.O.M.D. In the car and Snapchat it lol

- From 1 to “OMFGTYSHEYSTAGAG I’M SHITTING MY PANTS” how excited are you to perform at Community B.A.S.H.? What are you expecting from the event?

I'm omfgtysheystagag excited!!!!!!!!!!

This is really cool what you guys are doing for artist. I'm excited to network!

- Ok final question and also weirdest one. You’ve been given a Yeti Crab (real thing, google it). You can’t give it away or sell it. What would you do with it?

What the hell!! Ahah! I’d teach it to rap!

This guy has one of the best stage presences we have ever seen and we promise this is not something you will want to miss. Make sure to RSVP for Community B.A.S.H. to catch a glimpse of his greatness in action.


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