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WeCanF+ck | NSFW

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

BOLD is the first word that comes to mind when referring to the LA based power duo, BodaciousThang. In just a couple years, Cheyenne Jolene and Luis Munoz have managed to bust out jam after jam, shaking up the Hollywood music scene from its monotony. It’s not just about their music. It’s the attitude, the passion, the fun, & the whole image that they carry wherever they go. It’s obvious that it’s not an act. There’s no forcing or faking it. It’s just the way they are and that’s why it works so well. They know what they want to say and they are not afraid to say it!

Punk-Soul is what they categorize themselves - and they couldn’t have said it better. Funky/grungey guitars with hard hitting drums all topped off with sassy soulful vocals and the rebel attitude of old-school punk groups. It’s like if Bruno Mars and Amy Winehouse had twins and they grew up listening to the Ramones. It’s the kind of music that everyone can enjoy and dance to - putting a smile on your face and making your booty shake, all while headbanging your neck off.

Their newest EP Vol. 2 was just released on all digital platforms on January 17th and we strongly advise to go and check it out. They also just released the music video to one of the songs included in the record, called WeCanF+ck. The “Rated-R” video (see below), directed by Cheyenne herself and shot and edited by Grant Bell with the help of Luis, is a MUST- watch. The creative ideas that this duo comes up with will never cease to surprise you.

Speaking of surprises and originality…

On February 7th, BodaciousThang is throwing an EP Release show at a LAUN-DRO-MAT. Yep, you read right. The place where you go to wash your clothes. And that’s not all. The ticket price will get you FREE tacos, FREE alcohol and FREE laundry. The band will also hold a clothing drive and donate part of the proceeds to charity. Click this link for more info and tickets.

Make sure to go follow this amazing band on their social media platforms and stay tuned for more of their wild endeavors. Enjoy their NSFW music video below!


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