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Mind Over Music With EMAEL | Episode 1

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Mind Over Music is a video podcast that takes a deep dive into the minds behind some of our favorite independent artists, musicians, and bands from the Los Angeles & Orange County Area. In an industry based on image and materialism, we strive to refocus the lens back on artistic intention and passion, uncovering the process of creativity behind the music we find fascinating.

There is so much passion and talent in the LA/OC area that tends to get buried by clout, image, and the other superficial roadblocks set by the industry. Our goal is to uncover these hidden gems and provide these artists with a platform to showcase their work and discover new fans.

Our first guests, EMÆL, is quite the eclectic group, garnering influence from a very wide range of musical genres. Their unique/experimental style is one that rejects the very idea of classification. Masterfully blending classic orchestral elements with a more modern production style, their psychedelic tracks boast beautiful melodies played out on the cello and keys accompanied by full bodied synths. Tying the experience together are the harmonious male and female vocals, chaperoning your auditory journey.


Introspectre EP:

Glasswork Album:

Glasswork Remix Album:

Instagram: @emaelcloud


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