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Summer in the Winter

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

Have a case of the post summertime blues? We've got the perfect fall jam for you. Boy Junior's, “Deje de Quererte” translated to, “Stop liking you” introduces us to his most recent style of music which is nothing short of incredible. The enchanting downtempo rhythm and heart felt lyrics will stick with you forever.

The song dives deep into his love affair, explaining to his listeners that he no longer likes the woman he is writing about, but instead he begins to fall deeply in love with her and liking her is no longer enough to blossom their ever-binding relationship. He begins to reference her throughout the song, the trials they've overcome, and how that has actually repaired the bond the two of them have together.

Boy Junior’s music has begun to spread like a wildfire throughout the Latin community and US. His music, full of culture allows listeners from all over the world to immerse themselves in his art. Boy Junior's masterful production and impactful writing leaves listeners hungry for more! His music manages to capture a sort of emotion I've never felt before. We can't wait to see many more of his projects in the future, and how he'll continue to capture the attention of those from all over the world.

Listen to Our Exclusive Behind the Scenes Interview with Boy Junior Below:

Still hungry for more? Check out Boy Junior's banger album, "Summer in the Winter"


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