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Who The-F Made This? Help Us Find This Artist!


We need your help to find the original creator of this amazing work of art (original white image below). Over the last couple of years, the identity of this artist has remained a mystery to us at Community Breakout, but it is due time that we give them the credit and recognition that they deserve!


In our early stages of development, we came across this masterpiece while searching for copyright free images that we could use on our site and for promotional materials. We immediately fell in love with this work as we felt that it strongly represented the values of Community Breakout, while masterfully blending our two most prominent subjects, visual arts and music.

A couple years have passed since our discovery of this piece and it has since morphed into an integral part of our content. We loved it so much, that we started using it everywhere on our website and promotional materials, but soon realized no one in CB knows who the original artist is!

We've attempted to do some good old fashioned PI work, but have turned up empty handed time and time again. This is why we are turning to the power of the community to help point us in the direction.

Please share this post and help us uncover who this amazing artist is, so we can give them the proper credit they deserve and hopefully open up potential partnership opportunities.

The person that successfully links us to the creator of this artwork, will receive a thank you basket with some swag from our upcoming Community Brand Store.


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