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An Intergalactic Journey W/ Seamlessoo

With digital art and illustration on the rise, Seamlesoo is definitely one to be watching. With over 26.5k followers on Instagram, this artist has caught the eyes of many around the world. With an average of 2,000+ people reached with each post it is safe to say this inspiring artist has many people mesmerized. Many of the colorful and vibrant masterpieces that this artist captures, reflects portraits of the moon and other intergalactic images. Alongside these, you will also discover a beautiful array of hallucinatory images.

Scientific exploration has a whole new meaning when you come across the page of Seamlessoo. In a world of artists’ who take the path of others, this jaw dropping artist has paved a new way for themself. With images capturing and embodying powerful feelings of flamboyant eccentricity, this artist is insistent in delivering masterpieces that are overwhelm the viewer with psychedelic sensations.

We've compiled some of Seamlessoo's latest masterpieces below, but we promise that these barely scratch the surface of this artist's creativity.

To purchase prints of Seamlesso's amazing work, visit:


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