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Art For The Soul

Shireen Malayya in her early twenties has completed more works of art than one can usually imagine. Although she has never received any formal training, she's taken inspiration from history's greatest artists, understanding that a true artist never quite needs any. More importantly, her art soothes her pain and blesses the eyes of those who have the remarkable pleasure of coming across it. Her skills are a magnificent reflection of her own heart, mind and soul - which certainly shines through in all of her pieces.

At a youthful age, she always longed to become an artist. She could never seem to stray away from the wonderful deep feeling that lingered after she completed each project. This is consequently why she never stopped indulging in her works. It has always been a great source of joy and passion from the start of her childhood and now into adulthood.

Oddly enough, Shireen's professional life contrasts that of the typical artist - studying and completing a business degree on top of her passion for art. In the end, it enables her to be very well rounded when it comes to the topics that set her heart on fire. She plans to pursue business in the future as a full-time career; but, of course will always make time for her infatuation with art.

Her art continues to pierce the souls of others, and I don’t see that going away anytime soon. Her growing understanding of creativity is much more than what she bargained for in the most staggering way possible.

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