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Mixed Media Arts with Matheus Xavier

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

Matheus Xavier is a visual artist that doesn’t disappoint. Among his many recent projects, there are so many through out the years that display his incredible surrealistic artistry. His imagination flows from a mixture of art that portrays imagery, creativity, and original incentive that all intertwine into the perfect sublime mix.

Not only does he use very impressionable people in his art, for example: Frida Kahlo, The Mona Lisa, Nina Simone and Alice Coltrane but he mixes in such intricate and mind-blowing design to compliment the iconic portraits. It is very rare that his visual art doesn’t contain abstract and vibrant colors that make the imagine gorgeous and unique.

This is not the only visually captivating aspect of his work—the most intriguing is that he always keeps you wondering what exact ideal he wants the audience to capture. He keeps you wondering by adding an un-realistic aspect to every piece of work. For example, money in place of a president’s head and horrific destruction occurring in the background. Here he is most definitely trying to portray his own set of ideals to his audience, but it’s left to us to figure out what exactly that is. That is what art truly is all about. Letting your audience capture the sense of emotion and meaning behind every single beautiful piece created. That is an artistic talent he embodies perfectly-- within himself and displayed onto his work.

Make sure to go follow his Instagram Page to see more of his amazing work.

Written by Isabella Piper - Community Breakout contributor


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