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This is My Last Request...

The long wait is finally over! Blues/Punk duo Bang Feather Bang debuts “My Last Request”, their first official single after their line up change. Re-branding is never easy for an established project, but these guys definitely did it right. There is no way in heaven AND hell that anyone can possibly be disappointed with the results. While staying true to their White Stripey blues-grungy core, and with some influence from 80’s hip-hop music, Bang Feather Bang has brought their sound to a whole new level of rock and roll music.

Intrigued yet?

My Last Request” is the head-banging, clothes-ripping love song that every millennial relationship is going to relate to. It represents that passionate yet lazy love that doesn’t need too much talking. Just the kind of strong magnetism that physically attracts two people occupying the same space. This single acts as a musical cupid after one too many beers. Carelessly shooting arrows left and right, but yet somehow still matching up the perfect couple. Bang Feather Bang is clearly ready to catch up after their little self-discovery hiatus. With lead guitarist, Nick Chilli Haze, stepping it up on lead vocals, and Mike Ball adding fat and in-your-face drum beats, BFB is back to melt your faces and most probably your panties too.

The dynamic duo is been working on perfecting their live sets and have new show dates coming soon. The official music video for “My Last Request” is also on BFB’s agenda, together with new merchandise and other exciting news that we can’t wait for. If you think that rock and roll music is dead, it’s probably because you’re still listening to the radio. Bang Feather Bang is here to show us all that rock music is alive and well.

& stay tuned for more on Bang Feather Bang’s CB profile.


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