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The Rise of Independent Media

The world of media and consumption is changing at a breakneck pace. Traditionally, a handful of players have ruled the production and distribution of content, retaining a significant degree of control over vast chunks of the industry.

On the other hand, new technologies, the Internet and social media have enabled independent content producers, artists, and more to create quality materials and successfully share them with a broad audience at a relatively low cost.

With the changing nature of media, people are increasingly starting to consume content from sources such as podcasts, Youtube or social media influencers - people who managed to amass a significant amount of followers by curating content through their social media accounts.

Although some people might think of the aforementioned outlets as merely a niche, numbers tell quite a different story. Think of Joe Rogan, for instance: his podcast counts roughly 90,000,000 downloads per month, significantly surpassing CNN’s traffic (counting at 25,451,000 per month).

In other words, make no mistake: new media is here to stay, and it is currently on track to outdo traditional media outlets. Another consequence of this significant paradigm shift in the industry is the focus of advertisers, a hot commodity for content producers. We are increasingly seeing advertisers allocating more resources and higher budgets to new media campaigns, as opposed to stagnant traditional media.

Quite frankly, we are excited to see this shift in mindset and consumerism and we are just at the beginning of a very unique and exciting time in our lives. The power of influence has deviated from the hands of the few to an open network, where anyone with a voice can be heard. As we grow as species and the technology grows alongside us, users will find it easier and easier to stay involved with the things that matter most to them, no matter the distance.

The team at Community Breakout has been working tirelessly to bring tools and insight to artists in this monumental transition. In the upcoming weeks we have some very exciting things that we will be sharing. Make sure to stay tuned and help us bring about the #NewAgeRenaissance.


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