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The Adhocs Coming in Hot

If you haven’t heard of the Adhocs yet, you surely will. The fresh out of the womb Los Angeles based Alternative rock band locked down a solid line up in late 2016 and has been working on their debut EP since. What we heard so far did not disappoint. Their first single “Rain” came out in early June and left a solid print of what this band is capable of. The detailed instrumentation, together with the pleasant vocal harmonies and strategic ad-libs placement, suck you in the mix and teleport you onto the streets of Downtown LA, during a dark and stormy night. Nothing is more pleasant than a rainy Los Angeles, especially if you are accompanied by catchy vocal lines, the kind of catchy that won’t annoy you and it’s just enough to be remembered.

It’s a pleasure for us to host The Adhocs at Community B.A.S.H. on July 23rd. Make sure to come out and check these guys out, you will not be disappointed.

Get to know The Adhocs by reading our exclusive pre-show interview below.

- Where does the name, “Ad Hocs”, come from? Tell us the story behind it.

Ad hoc is a legal term and a Latin word that means " to create something for a specific purpose" According to the legends Demos came up with the name (the) Adhocs during a long night of jamming and raging in our studio in the DTLA Arts District. Also its reflective of our music in a way because we often make a song to try to give a particular feeling overall.

- What do you guys sound like? But to make it more fun and different, I want you guys to describe your music style using only movie titles.

Our music is the sound track to some sad tale of loss and heartbreak. Like Pinapple Express or Every Will Smith movie ever.

- What inspires you to make your music? And by “what” I mean anything, objects, food, people, animals…

The city of LA is what inspires us. We have written every song from our penthouse studio high above the DTLA Arts District and from the windows we can see life happening. That hustle and bustle or the pain and joy dichotomy of city life is very inspiring, Particularly in a place where so many are making art. Its easy to be inspired here.

- Everyone has a favorite 90’s jam. What is yours? There will be no judgment what so ever affiliated to your answer. I promise.

Anything Sublime

- If you could choose someone to open for on a world tour who would it be? Dead or alive…since all the good ones are dying.


- From 1 to “OMFGTYSHEYSTAGAG I’M SHITTING MY PANTS” how excited are you to perform at Community B.A.S.H.? What are you expecting from the event?

I would say we are at the 3 bottles of exlax and a teaspoon of Tabasco over a Chipotle burrito excited! We hope that we can just have a fun set and that people will feel super happy to hear our music. We want to do many more!

- Ok final question and also weirdest one. You’ve been given a Naked Mole Rat (it’s pretty ugly, google it). You can’t give it away or sell it. What would you do with it?

Dress it in a suit and tie with a set of raybands and make it our agent.

Don't forget to RSVP for Community B.A.S.H. tomorrow July 23rd.


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