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Latino producer / rapper / and future business magnate, Boy Junior, is on a mission to prove that it is possible to have hard hitting club bangers without sacrificing a meaningful lyrical message. He’s a true triple threat to be reckoned with in the Rap / Hip Hop community. One thing that makes Boy Junior’s art form stand out amongst the overpopulated sea of rappers is that his music offers a nostalgic sound that reminds you of why you fell in love with hip hop, while simultaneously bringing a new twist, interpretation, and mood that is more relatable to today’s culture.

It’s not often that you get the opportunity to meet someone capable of producing such high-quality beats, impactful lyrics and still have the knowledge and drive to market themselves and their brand to the extent that Boy Junior does. This guy’s hustle is really something to be envious of, as he consistently pumps out top-notch products faster and more efficiently than most teams in the industry.

His latest single "Supreme" is definitely no exception! The story he tells reveals his disdain with the apparent lies and deception in various aspects of our lives. He clearly illustrates his frustrations with the current trends in rap / hip hop, calling out fake rappers that boast fabricated lives of crime and drugs. This thoughtful story and message along with the rhythmic beat, full bass melody and screaming guitar, leaves a guarantee that this track will have you bobbing your head no matter the setting.

Listen and share "Supreme" now and make sure to check out more music from Boy Junior on his Community Artist page.


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