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STEEGS | The Devil

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

STEEGS’ new single The Devil is an angsty anthem that explores the struggles of finding the truth to oneself, amidst a relationship. The distorted guitar and groovin’ beat provide the bones to the frustrated and powerful delivery of vocals. With refreshing honesty, the lyrics tear into the heart of the dilemma of striving to be oneself, yet yearning to become something different during relationships. Highlighted further by her somewhat disturbing self-recognition of patterns, STEEGS repeats ‘ I always turn into the devil.’ All this to say, be careful, she’s a heartbreaker!

Tasteful hints of heavy vibrato and swooping high-register vocal flavors, pull the listener to a tomb of relationship self-reflection, yet the dancey beat inspires the moves to leave these relationships behind. The initial descending chords of the chorus open the tune up for the anthem. Delicate vocal harmonies and subtle swells pepper the chorus, eliciting a release and freedom from the failures of past connections. As the beat rolls on, her disappointment tone turns to celebration as the distorted guitar sweeps up the remainder of emotions. Top it all off with a sick sax solo and this jam hits home hard to those fresh out of a relationship or those in need of a extra nudge out of one!

Deviated from the traditional path at the Berkeley School of Music in Boston, STEEGS crystallizes her dream down at Santa Monica Pier where she emanates the vibes of authentic dark pop music.

Written by Jack Ventura Cruess - a contributor to Community Breakout




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