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Spread This Like Butter

Single after single, It’s Butter is building up momentum for their new upcoming EP. First with Absolem, then Acquaintances and now with The Love You Give (Is The Love You Get). Britta and Diego have had a pretty busy and successful year so far. The groovy duo are determined to show the world what they are made of and, trust us, it’s more than just butter. With this new addicting single they show us a much sassier side, but without straying to far out from their core Cali sound. That’s the reason why all their songs fit together so harmoniously.

It’s hard to compare It’s Butter to someone else, because there really isn’t anybody like them. Britta’s soulful voice and songwriting approach, does however, remind us a little bit of New Zealand singer Kimbra. Both of their projects contain a pleasant mix of pop, jazz and R&B elements that makes their style stand out from the masses. It’s a refreshing sound, something that you don’t hear at all on the radio nowadays, yet extremely radio friendly. It’s music that puts you in a good mood and makes you want to dance, smile and forget all the stress going on around you. Think of it exactly like butter, you just want to spread it everywhere to make everything taste better.

Trust us, this dynamic duo is up to something big. Like every independent band, they need our help to try and reach the goal they set for themselves and spread good, positive music around the globe. So, if you have the chance, go see one of their shows, listen to their music, buy their songs and pass the word around. Good music is out there, it’s up to us to help it prevail.


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