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Make Way! STEEGS Coming Through

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

When thinking about this artist, we envision something pleasantly pungent, that stings you, or even better, “STEEGS” you. Clara Stegall (aka STEEGS) is a Canadian native, ultra-talented, multi-instrumentalist. She comes with the sass of a Spice Girl (minus the sugar-coating) and a dark soulfulness that leaves us all hypnotized. She’s definitely not afraid to tell you exactly what she thinks, whether you like it or not. And trust us...we LIKE IT!

After some success in a three-piece pop-rock band with her two sisters, STEEGS decided to move to the City of Angels to start working on her solo project. You might have seen her hustling on the Santa Monica Pier or maybe you came across one of her many phenomenal youtube covers. Nevertheless, if you’ve never heard of her, we’re honored to introduce you.

Her single “Come Through” is finally out for everyone to listen to and LOVE! This track is a solid statement representing what this girl has been cooking in her magic caldron. Bass, groove, sexyiness, emotions, a sprinkle of idgaf, and a slew of other secret ingredients that work together harmoniously.

All it takes is the first beat of the song for you to get completely mesmerized. The sequential addition of instruments, sounds and vocals, help to guide you step-by-step towards a vortex of emotion that you never really want to come out of. Reminiscent of a high you wish never ended.

This powerful dark-pop tune is guaranteed to make you dance, cry and punch a wall, all in the matter of just a few minutes. Overall leaving you refreshed and satisfied, but still wanting more. We have had to keep “Come Through” on repeat just to help us deal with the withdrawals, not that we’re upset about it.


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