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London Fog (Summer Playlist)

Just in time for Summer, rapper Avery Harden, has dropped his 6th album, "London Fog". With such a wide array of upbeat Hip Hop music, this album has everything you need! We guarantee if you pull up to a party and push play on this album, you're going to have the whole place jumping in no time.

Growing up in the streets of Las Vegas Avery Harden was influenced by the heavy hip hop culture being inspired by such artist as Lupe Fiasco, Common and Mos Def. At the age of 16 Avery found himself writing verses about hope and bringing a change to his generation.

With his meaningful lyrics and truly unique stage presence, you are immediately made aware of the passion he holds for his craft.

This Saturday June 3rd he will be throwing a massive Album release party and everyone is invited. (Click here for more details)

Like we said, this dude has 6 albums so make sure to go check out some of his older music too 'cause all of it is fire 🔥🔥🔥


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