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Jayee.P Might Be, the Next R&B Legend

Johnathan Perez, better known as Jayee.P, is a 20-year-old R&B singer, born in Harlem, New York, and raised in the Bronx. He moved to Los Angeles when he was 14 years old, with his mother and sister to start their a new life. He started pursuing music professionally at the age of 19 in Los Angeles shortly after he decided to leave church to sing and record secular music. Thankfully he brought his angelic voice with him and has been melting hearts ever since.

Come watch Jayee.P perform live by the pool July 23rd at the Community B.A.S.H. Make sure you bring an extra pair of shorts, especially after you hear this guys voice. RSVP today before the guest list fills up!

- What/who do you sound like? But to make it more fun and different, we want you to describe your music style using only movie titles.

Music wise I've been compared to artist like Trey Songz because of my sensual approach and Chris Brown because of how much I'm inspired by him. In movie terms I would say The Notebook again because of my sensual approach and consistency and the Fast And Furious movies because I am an interesting artist to follow.

- What inspires you to make your music? And by “what” I mean anything, objects, food, people, animals…

What inspires me to do music is my current situations. How I feel at the moment determines the vibe of my music.

- Everyone has a favorite 90’s jam. What is yours? There will be no judgment what so ever affiliated to your answer. I promise.

My favorite 90's jam is "Fucking You Tonight" by Biggie ft . R Kelly. That's my shit. I vibe to that record at least 3 times a day.

- If you could choose someone to open for on a world tour who would it be? Dead or alive…since all the good ones are dying.

Damn! If I can choose someone to open for it would have to be Chris Brown for sure! Dude is too cold!

- Do you have a pre show ritual? If so what is it?

My pre show ritual is prayer. Before every show I have to pray and 1. Thank God for my blessings and opportunity 2. To ask for strength and favor during my set.

- From 1 to “OMFGTYSHEYSTAGAG I’M SHITTING MY PANTS” how excited are you to perform at Community B.A.S.H.? What are you expecting from the event?

I'm always excited to perform but I've never performed at a pool party function so I'm honestly stoked and super excited. I really can't wait. I'm expecting a dope event and I'm also expecting to chop it up with some baddies and what not lol

- Ok final question and also weirdest one. You’ve been given a Star-Nosed Mole (it’s real and it's ugly, google it). You can’t give it away or sell it. What would you do with it?

Oh shit! ahah fuck it I'll name it Jr. and take it with me everywhere.

Make sure to RSVP for Community B.A.S.H. to get some drinks by the pool and watch Jayee.P perform live.


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