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Dri The Immaculate MC

Adrian “DriVinchi” Barone started dreaming of a hip-hop career from a very young age. Born and raised as an only child in Tucson, AZ, DriVinchi made of rap music his most valuable ​companion, studying and crafting the art of hip-hop non-stop since elementary school. A hobby became a dream and a dream became a goal so, at the age of 23, Adrian finally packed his bags and moved to California in search of bigger and better opportunities.

Get to know Dri by reading his exclusive interview below and don’t miss your opportunity to catch him live at Community B.A.S.H. on July 23rd, RSVP today!

- What/who do you sound like? But to make it more fun and different, I want you to describe your music style using only movie titles.

If I were to describe my sound, I'd say, Kung Fu Panda meets Friday meets The Secret... If Jesus and Buddha were watching them with Biggie playing in the background.

- What inspires you to make your music? And by “what” I mean anything, objects, food, people, animals…

I tend to find inspiration from hearing other rappers. It always makes me want to start freestyling and showing em, who is who, and what is what... (that's from a Jay Z song btw)

- Everyone has a favorite 90’s jam. What is yours? There will be no judgment what so ever affiliated to your answer. I promise.

For anyone that knows me, every song I like is my favorite... buuuut, if i had to choose, I'd sayyy, anything off Reasonable Doubt by Jay Z... probably "D'Evils"

- If you could choose someone to open for on a world tour who would it be? Dead or alive…since all the good ones are dying.

If I could open for anyone, I'd go with, The Notorious B.I.G., just so I can try to soak up some game...

- Do you have a pre show ritual? If so what is it?

Pre-show ritual?? Nothing crazy... Just pray, maybe meditate... Oh yea, and I sacrifice like 2 chickens and a donkey... but nothing crazy.

- From 1 to “OMFGTYSHEYSTAGAG I’M SHITTING MY PANTS” how excited are you to perform at Community B.A.S.H.? What are you expecting from the event?

Hell yeah!! I'm excited to be performing and networking with other dope artists. It’s gonna be a blast!

- Ok final question and also weirdest one. You’ve been given a Aye-aye (yea, it's a real thing, google it). You can’t give it away or sell it. What would you do with it?

I'd probably train it to do Kung-Fu, seeing as I used to be a dog trainer, then have it guard my bedroom from thieves and perpetrators.

Make sure to RSVP for Community B.A.S.H. so you can catch this lyrical genius live by the pool July 23rd.


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