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Boy Junior - It's On Me

Boy Junior, an inspiring artist with a dream to bring back real Hip-Hop music that matters to the world, just released a new music video for his single "It's On Me". Boy Junior is a 24 year old multitalented producer and lyricist, born in the city of Whittier California. Over the past few years, Boy Junior has produced three personal albums as well as worked with several artists in the genres of Hip-Hop, R&B, and Pop music. Being a student of the art of music, Boy Junior has built his own company titled BJM (BoyJuniorMusic) and a recording studio called BJM Studios, and has learned the crafts of producing, writing, recording, and engineering his own records. Boy Junior is getting ready to release a new album, so make sure to take part in the BJM movement and get connected with Boy Junior on all social networks to receive updates on new music, videos, and upcoming shows.


Credit Roll: Director: Hector Toro Producer: Boy Junior Co-Producer: Juan Mendez Main Model: Melissa Carvajal Photography: Jerome de la Cruz (DelaCruz Productions) Security Guard: Ruben Naranjo Assiatant 1: Danny Saavedra Assistant 2: Cynthia Naranjo Car 1: Manny (Jeep STR8) Car 2: Hector Toro ( Chevy Camaro) Special Shoutout to Ana and Clemente for the location.


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