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Beauty in the Details

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

Visit Usipheart on Instagram and delve into a very intricate and gorgeous approach to art. Throughout her gallery, you will notice how each and every piece contains beautiful designs that all come together to make a beautiful masterpiece. The number of black and white pieces overshadow the ones with color, yet quite honesty they both catch the eye in such an incredible way.

Within her art, you start to realize the way that she values elaborate design. Every single piece catches her attention. As you look closer, you notice that each and every segment has much more meaning than first meets the eye. She expertly takes simple designs and turns them into something meaningful and powerful—enabling her viewers to forget how simple these ideas once were.

You will notice that each and every photo of her art was delicately thought out and created. That is why her work is catching the attention of many and the inspiration for other artists’ is something that is highly admirable. As a fellow artist myself, I have learned a thing or two about how openly accept any type of art can be. She definitely takes simplicity and turns it into something spectacular.

Written by Isabella Piper - Community Breakout contributor


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