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Arbitrary Realism with Sean Boyce

Sean Boyce creates Arbitrarily Realistic and Whimsically Surrealistic Urban Scenes in a variety of painting media. His process involves traveling to different cities and working on the pieces both En Plein Aire (on the street) and in the studio. He strives to; use inspiration from the unpredictability and energy of the streets in the best cities on earth, to charge his works on canvas. He aims to create works that are narratives of human endeavor and folly. He experiments with color and content in his paintings in order to discover juxtapositions which actually chemically change the perceptions of the viewer. The human brain reacts to these stimuli with altered levels of serotonin, adrenaline, and dopamine. He always tries new methods and test theories in order to elicit an ever more potent effect. Don't be alarmed if his works give you euphoria, ecstasy, or more.


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