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Recording Festival

After the astonishing success of its first edition held in 2015, Recording Festival opened the doors of the Grouse Lodge Studios in Ireland to its 3 new winners. Don Vail, CAVEBOY and Sarah Kervin checked in the iconic Irish residential studio on May 16th where a team of established producers and sound engineers from all over the globe were frantically waiting to start this magical journey. The artists spent a full two weeks writing and recording new tunes and, in their free time, exploring the green Irish landscapes.

We had the pleasure of chatting with producer and mixing engineer Filippo Gaetani, CEO and founder of the Recording Festival to learn more in detail about this amazing musical adventure.

For those who have no idea, tell us what exactly is Recording Festival?

Recording Festival is a unique international music academy and band incubator, allowing bands to submit a song and win a spectacular prize of 2 weeks free recording at Grouse Lodge residential studios in the heart of Ireland, where the likes of Michael Jackson, Muse, Snow Patrol, REM, Stereophonics and Simple Minds have recorded and spent time.

How did you come up with the idea? And was it hard to get such a legendary place like Grouse Lodge Studios involved?

After working on three albums at Grouse Lodge Studios in Westmeath in 2010 and 2012, and because of its fantastic, remote location and the huge space available, I conceived the idea of organizing collective music production and recording sessions with bands from all over the world. I also did something like that in Los Angeles in 2010. I spoke to the owner, Paddy Dunning, about the idea and we thought it was a good one.The intent was to give talented people the chance to experience something unique, to craft their music in the way the classic albums used to be made, and to bring their art and songwriting to the next level. So, in 2014, I founded

What were/are the biggest challenges in the process of developing RecFest and will there be a third edition?

Getting people to understand its real mission and values, as it was originally intended. Also not everyone understands its potential, but finally more and more people are starting to get involved. And yes, there are plans for a third edition, possibly with broadcast involvement.

Can any artist/band sign up for Recording Festival? If so, how?

Artists from all over the world are applying on and its partner providing with a link to a song on Soundcloud and paying a registration fee. A pool of judges (including celebrities and Grammy producers) then listen to the songs, give constructive feedback and vote the bands through the various rounds and on to the finals. This whole process takes around 18 months, after which the 3 winners get to stay & record at Grouse Lodge as their final prize.

Are you planning of eventually expanding RecFest to different parts of the world?

I am nurturing the idea of doing this, but it’ll be hard to find places like the Grouse and the peculiar setting and logistic characteristics, so for now the alternate location is just in the research / exploring phase.

What is your dream goal for the Recording Festival?

To create a TV show about it, and the real process of songwriting and making an album from the artist and producer perspective. To get people, especially non-musicians, to know how good records are done, how independent artists work and create their music. And to get widespread popularity and get more bands joining in, for expanding its opportunities for the artists, and contribute to increase the music output quality in general.

Last but not least tell us where can we go online to keep track of what’s going on with RecFest?

We are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and obviously you can always go visit our website


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