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Pop Music for the Soul

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

We had the overwhelming pleasure of having Marc Wulf perform at our very first Community B.A.S.H. (Booze & Art Social Hangout) and, like expected, as soon as he started singing, every single person in the crowd was hypnotized by his angelic voice. The kind of hypnosis that you would never want to be awoken from, leaving you with non-stop goose bumps and musical satisfaction, making you wish that it was never going to end.

The only question we’ve all been asking ourselves is, how is this guy not touring the world with Lana Del Rey already? How is he not an international super star? Especially after he was NOT chosen for The Voice in 2013. Maybe some Illuminati conspiracy trying to keep actually talented artists from getting noticed, but who knows…

What we all certainly know is that Marc Wulf has not just been sitting around doing nothing this whole time. In fact, besides working full time on the release of his debut record, he also spent a few months in Europe working with well know Dutch producer Allan Eshuijs. Out of this mighty collaboration we got the latest Lost Stories track calledSpread The Fire featuring Marc Wulf on vocals. The track is an absolute summer jam and we can’t wait to hear more of these overseas collabs.

Like we said earlier Marc’s main focus has been his own record and, after a never-ending wait, we are finally hearing a piece of it. Shadows is a very dark song, a song about addiction and the loss caused by it. Marc’s emotional and powerful vocals, together with the overall haunting track, give listeners a perfect mix of sadness and desperation, together with a sense of battle and power, that’s mainly reflected by the choice of instrumentation in the chorus. Producer Rio Root did an impeccable job in balancing these delicate elements in order to replicate such strong feelings. Shadows is a song that a lot of people can relate to and also has the power to help a lot of people. Get ready for Marc Wulf’s full release, “The Hunt”, scheduled to be out in September, by listening to "Shadows" on repeat and sharing it with the world!


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