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NYLA: An Inspiring Comeback Story

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

A little over a month after the release of her debut single, “Nappy Headed Girl”, NYLA fires it up with some more delicious ear candy. “My Own” is out now on all platforms for the world to listen and dance to.

The expression ear candy couldn’t be more appropriate for this happy and liberating summery tune. From the colorful wrapping, to the sweet taste and the inevitable happy feeling you get while listening, NYLA’s new single is your new summer jam.

My Own” is a celebration of life. The life that you fought for and worked so hard to get together. “This one is for all of us out here growing and becoming the best version of ourselves. Whether you’re on your way, or in that stuck place, let’s celebrate who we are trying to become”, NYLA explains on one of her Instagram posts.

Inspiration, determination and hard work are all the LA native, Chicago based singer songwriter is about.

After landing numerous gigs as a touring and recording keyboardist and appearing on national television channels in multiple occasions, NYLA always had a clear vision of what she wanted her art to look and sound like. “In wanting to tell my story my way, I have always made it a point to put my hand in everything I create, both visually and sonically.”

That’s when she decided to move on and go chase her own dream. And she couldn’t have done it better!

If you think Pharrell’s “Happy” or Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop The Feeling” make you feel good, “My Own” will make you explore dance moves you never thought you could physically achieve.

Stay tuned with what this girl has in store for the world and never stop supporting local and independent art.


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