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Never Lose "Hope"

*Picture it* It's 8:15 in the morning, you're swerving through Monday morning traffic, PRAYING that you make it to the time clock before Jane chimes in with some stupid remark like, "guess who's late again?"; when suddenly it hits you... what am I doing? Racing to a job that you never truly wanted. Stressing over a manager that could replace you in a week. Flustered because you're not doing what you love...

Everyone goes through a phase in our lives; where our dreams and true purpose become overshadowed by reality. The reality of bills, relationships, family, friends become overwhelming and you get the feeling like you're meant for something more. Although all important aspects in life; What about you? This is YOUR life. What do YOU desire?? What is your purpose here? Well, Boy Junior knows his.

With his new single, "Hope", Boy Junior takes matters into his own hands. "Hope" is a full display of what BJM was put on this earth to do: Inspire. Fed up with the 9 to 5, the words flow with passion as you can sense the frustration with the system in each line. You can tell Boy Junior isn't your every day, run of the mill rapper. He has something to say...

From the soothing production on the hook to the hard hitting lyrics in the verses, this song is a JAM! Junior stands our from other rappers, making all of his songs from scratch. Producing, writing, recording and engineering a track like this takes hard work. He makes it look effortless. "Hope" really has the power to make you think, while simultaneously offering you a smooth track to vibe out to.

Boy Junior is expected to be releasing some visuals with this track, so be on the lookout for that! Make sure to listen to Boy Junior's track "Hope" below, and check out his other music on his artist page!


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