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Huey X Honora - Framework (EP)

After a full year of non-stop writing, recording and mixing, the Los Angeles based electronic duo, Huey X Honora, finally released their highly anticipated new EP, Framework. The band first came to light in 2015 with the release of their EP, Translations, leaving first time listeners and fans astonished by its perfect mix of vibey, trip-hop beats and angelic yet haunting lead vocals. Inspired by the success followed by their debut EP, lead vocalist Rebecca Taylor and beat mastermind Andrew Houston decided to team up with producer/mixing engineer Adam Haggar to start working on their follow up record. And what a masterpiece they’ve created. From the ambiguous song titles to the rumbling bass lines, “Framework” takes you to places you never knew you could soberly get to. Rebecca’s passionate and emotional vocal lines will pierce right through your soul and into your heart, creating memories of a parallel life outside of your body. By listening to the tracks with your eyes closed you will be able to experience being trapped at the bottom of the ocean (“Television”) as well as freely floating in space (“They Pulled Me Off The Desert Floor”). To just sum it all up, “Frameworks” will bring you to a state of complete artistic and musical ecstasy and satisfaction. If you have no idea of what I am talking about go and listen to Huey X Honora’s whole EP now on Community Breakout and make sure you follow them on their social medias to be on the lookout for possible upcoming live shows. Check out the official music video for Television, directed by Tyler Cornack. We had the pleasure of hosting the shoot at our main office and we are so glad we could be a small part in something so amazing.


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