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Give Me Moa!

“Give me Moa! Give me Moa!...”

We’re already imagining a sold out crowd chanting at the top of their lungs for an encore. Lights are out until, all of a sudden, a spotlight hits the center of the stage showing a dark silhouette walking towards the audience… The beat starts… The crowd goes nuts… It’s Soldier, MOA’s debut single! Yeah, that’s right. It might be the first song that this girl puts out as a solo artist, but let us tell you, it’s one that people will remember. It only takes a few seconds of the song to get completely hooked on what it seems to be another pop song, but that reveals to be way more than that.

With “Soldier”, in fact, the Scandinavian native singer is trying to tell us a story, her story. A young Swedish musician with a dream, that moved half way across the globe to follow it, but saw that dream turning into a nightmare way too many times. Not that that stopped her. If anything, as cheesy as it sounds, it made her stronger. Strong like the big echo-y drums rumbling in Soldier’s epic chorus, that perfectly fit with the soldier metaphor as they remind me of bombs coming down the sky with the one purpose of destroying your life.

In this case, fortunately, no life has been destroyed, but drastically changed. Some of you, in fact, may know Moa as former lead vocalist and guitarist of Los Angeles based melodic hard rock band Dead Heroine or maybe even as a member of the all-female Kiss tribute band called Priss. To quote her own words, Moa has been, “hiding behind a band” her whole life, but she realized she needed to explore a different version of herself. A more vulnerable side that she’s been dreading to unveil. After hearing her release we can confidently say that it’s because of this very side, that she will finally get the fame and recognition she deserves.


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