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Burnin' Up from "Vampire Campfire"

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

To “Ad Hoc” something is to painstakingly fashion it for a specific purpose, and this intentionality in creation is a core tenant that gives way to a musical experience that is both cohesive and contrasting. Pushing musical boundaries but remaining accessible and relatable to any audience. Combining the past, present, and future of music into a collective frequency, unique but subtly recognizable.

The Ad Hocs generate an eclectic rock/pop sound that can add to any situation whether it be a sunset cruise up Highway 1, a late excursion getting lost in the Hollywood nightlife, a passionate moment at the top of Griffith Park, or a walk through the towering skyline of the downtown area. Their Debut EP "Vampire Campfire" is just their first step in a movement to reshape, refresh and redefine the LA music scene with something exciting, something moving, but mostly something new.


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