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• Modern Day Philosopher •

Born and raised in Tucson, Az by way of single mother, Adrian "DriVinchi" Barone grew up an only child with hip hop music to keep him company. Always fascinated with wordplay, great mind states and enticing hip hop beats, rapping became a dream for Dri at a very young age. Inspired by the likes of Snoop Dogg, Jay Z, Biggie, Luda, Kanye West and other legends, Dri studied hip hop like life itself. First learning the lyrics of his idols, then moving on to writing his own lyrics in high school, where he also was introduced to GarageBand.

Dri starting recording his own songs in high school, which inspired him to pursue a certification in Audio Engineering. After accomplishing that feat, Dri wanted something bigger with his life and decided to shoot for a life in California. It only took 23 years, but in 2015, Dri was able to accomplish his goals and moved to the beautiful ocean scenery of Orange County, California where he continues to chase his childhood dream of becoming a renowned lyricist! 

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