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Genuine art has a way of piercing the soul and communicating in a way in which words can never express. In times of hardship and turmoil art has a tendency to bring us together. It has the power to move people, provoke thought, and influence change. As more and more American's actively seek alternatives to a bipartisan main stream media, Community Breakout stands as a platform for artists and art enthusiasts to connect and discover the overwhelmingly amazing undiscovered / independent artists that live in your very neighborhood. 

True art lies in the hands of the people and it is our mission to bring to light the incredible talent hidden among the clutter of today's culture. We believe that collaboration and genuineness is vital for the art community to grow and we are here to make sure that happens. The world is hungry for more and we're ready for a New Age Renaissance.

Help us build our reach and resources, so we can continue to provide independent artists with a free, all-inclusive platform, to effectively showcase their work, and dramatically grow their fan base without wasting money on ineffective advertising.

Our team is made up of full-time professionals, who are expert in advertising and marketing, graphic design, web design and video production. We volunteer our services to independent artists so that they can focus on what they do best, making art! Become a Patron today!



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