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Bang Feather Bang is an LA based blues punk duo with Nick Chilli Haze and Mike Ball.

The band was founded by our legendary Esther LaVonne who sadly passed away in 2015 from Cancer. She and Nick were a duo who sounded as big as Led Zeppelin with a similar style.

Since then Nick has worked on becoming the new lead singer of the band and used his blues influence to write new songs whilst remaining true to the

sound he and Esther created. He started gigging around LA as a one man band with a kick drum, his guitar and his new singing style. Mike Ball has always been an honorary member of BFB since he would play with Esther and Nick for full band shows on stages such as the infamous House of Blues Hollywood, there was no doubt he had to be brought in.They got the blues, groove and a promise to be a rowdy bunch to watch on stage and behind the scenes.

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My Last Request


My Last Request


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